My Sweet Transgendered Life


I am a 20 year old TG / Crossdressing MtF who loves talking about Age Play and jamming to music on my Ipod. I love meeting new faces and talking about my fascinations of anime and new subjects alike! ^.^ do send me a message if you want to ever talk! I'm not someone who's looking to just share a few wanks with someone on a webcam I'd really like to get to know you as you are. Im unbiased whether your gay, lebsian, bisexual, pansexual, transgendered, transvestite, or even if you have a horn on your head!! :p that be pretty neat to be honest :p Just come as you are and lets have fun! I hope you enjoy my blog! Here and there I will post a few pictures of myself and my doggies, but you'll see things that inspire me and get pictures that make me wish I was in that moment. <3 Happy Blogging<3 and keep your pampers tight! x3

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